U.S. Market Entry and Relocation Services

Changing countries is certainly one of life’s most exciting and challenging experiences.

The lawyers at Kanmacher Law are themselves first generation immigrants to the United States and are therefore knowledgeable, not only about the legal theory behind relocating to a new country, but also about the practical realities of expatriation and integration into a brand new social culture and business environment.

US Relocation

It is very natural that the lawyers at Kanmacher Law have then become experts at assisting clients from all over the world with the following:

  • Immigration/visas
  • Family and business relocation
  • Acquisition of U.S. businesses
  • Introduction to service providers (bankers, real estate professionals, translators, accountants, etc.) and organizations (schools, chamber of commerce, etc.) that are bilingual and/or specialized in helping foreigners settle in the U.S.
  • Sale of goods and services through foreign offices, distributorships, independent sales agents or subsidiaries in various U.S. markets

Contact us today to discuss your immediate U.S. market entry and relocation service needs, and we will show you how we can accompany your business and family move to the United States.