What To Expect

At Kanmacher Law you will receive a free initial consultation, which is aimed at giving you enough information about our skills and ability to diligently and competently advise you with your business matters. 

We will not charge you any fees until you have a clear understanding of what you will be responsible for and until all of the underlying billing details are disclosed to you in writing and you expressly agree to them. 

We always keep our clients thoroughly informed of the status of their bills and the accrual of their fees so that there are no surprises when they receive our invoice.

Although we typically bill hourly, we only bill our clients for actual value-added legal time. We do not want our clients to refrain from contacting us when they really should seek out legal advice, out of fear that the meter will start to run when their lawyer picks up the phone.

We will also consider fixed fees and project-based pricing at the request of our clients. We may also defer our legal fees until the closing of a financing or some other contingency, as mutually agreed to between us and our clients.

At Kanmacher Law, you can also expect to reach your lawyer directly at any time and during off hours.  No small client is too small to be treated as VIP at our Firm. At Kanmacher Law, we believe in client service and that responsiveness is one of the important qualities of a good lawyer.